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Shipping Cattle Orders

We buy cattle across the Southeastern states beginning on Monday and request that customers
place orders no later than Wednesday. Cattle prices are updated in the office weekly and we ask that
customers request a price sheet via fax or email. Prices on the sheet are a delivered cost. The price
you see includes the trucking for 1,000 miles; therefore prices can be adjusted for shorter or longer

All cattle come back to the ranch and go on fresh hay and water immediately after purchase. At no
time are any orders shipped directly from sale barns to customers. We pride ourselves on being diligent
in this aspect of our business because we know how important it is for cattle to be handled with as
little stress as possible during work as well as shipment and we avoid the loading of cattle that have
been restricted from hay and water for any period of time. Cattle can be processed before shipment
as requested by customers at an additional cost, including administration of antibiotics, vaccines,
dewormers, etc.


Our preconditioning yards are generally managed at a capacity of around 2,000 head at a turnover
time of approximately 60 days. Rates for preconditioning cattle are as follows:

400# and lighter calves = $2.00/head/day

400-500# calves = 2.25/head/day

500-600# calves = 2.50/head/day

600# and up = 2.75/head/day

These prices are in addition to the initial processing cost of cattle.

The costs listed above include feed and hay for cattle in the yard at all times, any and all antibiotics needed during this period, as well as re-vac on initial vaccines and any other required management while cattle remain in our yard.

Time spent in the preconditioning yard is usually left up to the customer and does not necessarily have to be a 60 day period (i.e. 45 days, 75 days, 100 days, etc.) depending on the customer’s preference or needs. Grazing deals for the spring and summer are also available and can be done on the gain instead of on a cost per-head-per-day basis depending on space available, length of stay, etc. (call for details).

Please call in advance to discuss further specifics for the preconditioning yard as space is often limited.

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